What to Wear for a Couple Shoot – The Complete Guide

Let's talk about shooting outfits or more specific "What to wear for a couple shoot". The outfit you wear for your shoot matters a lot and can be crucial for a good result. Maybe it's your first couple shoot and you honestly have no idea what to wear to such an event. Now you're wondering whether you should pack the fancy dress and heels, or a suit, or some jeans and sneakers. And this question is completely justified, because it's not that simple. In this Blogpost I will guide you through some ideas and tipps for your upcoming couple shoot. Let's go!

The first thing to say is that every shooting situation is different and there is absolutely no right or wrong. Also, I am speaking from my personal perspective as a photographer and it might be very possible that other photographers have completely different ideas in this regard. It is therefore important for me to emphasize that these are all ideas and suggestions and by no means requirements. I want to help, not dominate the process of choosing your outfit.

Couple spinning around on the beach. It's a rainy and dark mood. He is wearing a camel woolcoat, a black jeans and brown leather boots. She is wearing a white wedding dress, black leather boots and a leather jacket.


The most important thing for me is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. There is a lot of movement involved during a shoot with me. I love little adventures and like to incorporate them into shoots. I'm also a big fan of moving between locations and just walking around a bit until we find a great spot. So bring comfortable shoes. Of course, sports/gymwear would be the wrong choice for a shoot, but please also avoid uncomfortable, stiff clothes and go for airy, light and comfortable outfits instead.


This is soooo important! You have to feel confident and comfortable in your outfits. You don't need to buy something new, nor do you need to squeeze yourself into a ball gown from like 10 years ago. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it will show in the images. Your outfit should reflect your personal style and your personality.

Couple hugging each other on a hill during sunset. Thes are standing in yellow grass. He is wearing a linen button-down in beige and she is wearing an olive dress.

03. Keep the Location in mind

The shooting location should definitely be taken into account when choosing an outfit. For example, if you are shooting in a forest, you should not wear dark green or black, but rather lighter shades such as beige, so that you do not blend in completely with the scenery. Likewise, white, for example, should be avoided when shooting in the snow. However, if a location already offers a lot of tones, such as a coastal landscape, you can include these colors in your outfit to blend more in and keep the main focus on your faces and emotions.

Please also note that your clothes should "make sense" at the location. Heels on the beach or hiking boots in the city do not really fit the scenery.

04. … And Seasons

Especially when it's cold outside, it just doesn't make sense to shoot in breezy summer clothes for many reasons. Therefore, I am a fan of layers and cosy clothes that you can quickly put on when the temperatures are chilly. Again, wearing appropriate footwear is crucial. In case it's muddy and rainy, boots are a much better choice than sandals or white sneakers.

05. Let’s talk about Trends

Probably everyone has a few pieces in their wardrobe that won't be so fashionable in about 5 years. Pieces that you might even be a little ashamed of in a few years. Since the images are meant to survive longer than one season of the fashion industry, I always advise choosing timeless clothes. There are certain items of clothing that can simply be worn forever. These are, for example, trench coats, long plain wool coats, classic jeans, plain shirts or neutral dresses.

06. What about Pattern?

For many photographers, patterns are an absolute no-go. I wouldn't see it quite so drastically, but I also prefer more neutral, single-coloured garments. However, when you would like to wear a piece of clothing with a pattern, I would definitely recommend to keep it to one item only. And make sure that it’s not too distracting. For example, if you would like to wear a printed dress, let’s keep your partner’s outfit more plain and neutral and vice versa.

This is an example of a good use of patterns. The outfits chosen are rather neutral and monochromatic, except for the patterned skirt. However, this one has such a fine pattern that it doesn't distract too much from the faces. The outfits look very consistent. Also, the chosen outfit matches the location very well and the beige almost blends into the background, the sand, while the white in the tops separates the couple from the green background.

Pregnant woman and husband sitting in the sand. She is wearing a yellow skirt with a floral pattern and a white top, while he is wearing a beige chino with a white shirt.

07. Colors

Let’s talk about colors. I always recommend earthy colors that visually fit into the more natural surroundings when shooting in nature. Neutral colors look fantastic in photos, are timeless and don't distract too much from you. My personal favorites are cream tones, browns, beige, grays, denim, or blue tones, terracotta, mustard, olive, and of course black and white. Of course, not everything has to be just beige or white and black. In fact, colors also work very well, but instead of bright and bold colors, choose more subtle, earthy or pastel colors. You can also use only one accessory in a bold color as an eye-catcher.

A great way to pick an outfit, is to stick a color scheme and coordinate it, but make sure you don't completely match with your partner! Breaking up the colors ensures that you and your partner don't literally look like one and the same, but still look like a cohesive unit.

What to wear to a couple shoot – the complete guide. Color schemes.

08. Textures, Layers & Accessories

Textures, Layers and accessories can transform your look with minimal effort. I'm a big fan of layering and always ask to bring options for jackets, cardigans or sweaters. You can throw them on super quickly or swap them out to create a new look easily. Mixing different textures can also really elevate an outfit. Consider pairing a light summer dress with a denim or leather jacket, or a cardigan or long trenchcoat for a chic oversized look. Also think about the fit of the different garments. Rather match a pair of skinny jeans with an oversized sweater or jacket than with a tight shirt or top. I suggest wearing at least one loose-fitting item to provide a bit of movement. Accessories are always nice to spice up an outfit. Feel free to bring hats, beanies, scarves or even blankets.

Couple in blue colored outfits walking on the beach

09. What to avoid

Logos, Texts or Prints

This is pretty self-explanatory but it happens all the time. Large logos are simply very prominent, distracting and anything but timeless. Many brands may no longer be fashionable in a few years or, in the worst case, may even be associated with negative aspects. So please, for your own sake and the importance of your timeless memories, stay away from Logos or large prints.


Those colorful athletic shoes and leggings are perfect for the gym. But not for photo shoots. Is that enough of an explanation? Instead of wearing gym shoes, choose a nice pair of (white) sneakers. They are timeless yet casual.

10. Ideas and Options

For Her

Dresses, jumpsuits, knitwear, long woolcoats, trenchcoats, denim, tanks, shirts, overshirts, oversized cardigans, leatherboots, sneakers (non-athletic), leather sandals or barefoot. I prefer a natural make-up.

For Him

Button-up shirt, textured sweater, knitwear, Flannel, denim, chinos or trousers, woolcoat, trenchcoats, shirts, leatherboots, sneakers (non-athletic), leather sandals or barefoot.


When in doubt, bring options! In general, options are always great! So feel free to bring a few different ideas, allowing us to spontaneously change the look. This way we will have lots of different images and we will be able to choose the right outfit depending on the location, light or color mood.

Final Notes

Ok, those were a lot of tips, which hopefully helped to find appropriate outfits. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact me and send me some photos of your options. I'm always happy to help.

You can also check out my Pinterest Board for Couple Shoot styling inspiration here or check out some of my Couple Stories.

Pay special attention to the first two items on this long list: Confidence is key! The most important thing is that you feel 100% comfortable in your outfit and you like the way you look! Aaaaaand please don't stress! 🙂

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