I'm Lena, a creative soul from Hamburg and always in search for stories to visualize and turn them into a piece of art. I am drawn to complicated characters, find beauty in average life and feel inspired by music, movies and literature most people would describe as some kind of quiet and melancholic.

At the age of 15 I decided to pick up a camera, and from then on it was a slow but natural progress. But I'm not just a photographer. I like to call myself a multivisualist, as I just love to express stories through different mediums. As a designer I worked for various design agencies and I used to illustrate and sketch a lot during my teenage years. Art in all it's forms has always been my guiding star.

Located in the heart of Hamburg-Altona in Germany, I am inspired by the vibrant energy of the city. But I find my true home in nature. That's why I'm all about outdoor adventures and stories – the real, unfiltered kind. I'm a traveller, camera in hand, capturing the wild landscapes that leave you breathless and the heartwarming connections that make us human. Whether it's a calm beach or towering peaks, I'm on a mission to soak in the unique beauty each spot offers. In 2022/2023, I went on a 9,5-month trip around the world and while my body came home, I lost my heart somewhere out there in the nature.

Away from my creative work and trips, I find joy in the little things – from re-watching the "Dinner Party" episode of The Office, to collecting quirky stickers from around the world. I pet every cat that crosses my path (and get sad when it doesn't show interest), could eat pasta for days straight and I get a bit too excited about lighting situations.

I could say that photography is my greatest love. But that would be a lie. Almost as long as I've been taking pictures, Felix has been by my side. We've been together for over 13 years now and I couldn't imagine being without him. He is my true love, my best friend, my biggest supporter, my travel companion, my better half and so much more. I love documenting our life together – both our adventures and everyday moments. I know firsthand how valuable and meaningful it can be to capture a life together. My mission is to help you preserve your unique stories and experiences in a personal and authentic way that reflects your individuality.


I am an introvert. For a long time I assumed that you had to be super extroverted and loud and quirky to gain serious recognition as a photographer, to attract clients, and to perform a good job. This belief is still widespread, but in my opinion it is just not true. Some things are more challenging for us introverted photographers such as being around large groups or speaking in public but I try to look at being an introvert as a secret superpower. Here's why:




Introverts Have Creative, Original Minds.

Introverts Are Quiet And They Could Be Spies.

Introverts Are Really Good Listeners.

And I don't think that's a bad quality at all when it comes to capturing moments. We introverts are perfect at blending in, allowing us to photograph very discreetly and without drawing attention to ourselves. These quiet moments are my personal favorites because they are completely authentic and real.

The "quiet ones," like me, really tend to listen carefully and consider the ideas and feelings of others. We obsess over details, like to take mental notes, and focus intently on what other people are trying to express. We also tend to overthink everything to creating meaningful photos and experiences.

Introverts tend to have their own preferences that are less influenced by whatever’s trending today on Social Media. It's not unusual that they may even gravitate toward things that are more individual, slightly strange or quite niche.




Calming Effect On Other People.

Introverts Are Really Good Observers.

Focused On Quality Than Quantity

Introverts choose wisely. Introverts can literally feel their energy being drained by being around other people or large groups. For this reason, I also choose clients wisely. I would rather accompany a handful of genuinely suitable clients in whom I can fully invest my time and energy than a large number of clients.

Just like extroverts, introverts need social interactions and actually like meeting new people. We just handle social situations differently. We have a strong aversion to conflict and would love for everyone to just be nice and get along. This means introverts are usually very easygoing, friendly people who will do whatever it takes to keep everyone happy.

Introverts have good observational skills and that's something that helps me tremendously as a documentary photographer. Keen observation helps me see the subtle moments and details and incorporate them into my images. I am always more attracted to the quiet moments than the loud ones.

Here are Some random facts about me.

I also work as a

I'm obsessed with

The Office


Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite Musician is

Ólafur Arnalds

Hiking Up Mountains

I visited

I shot my first wedding in


27 Countries

A Movie I Love

I lost my Heart in

New Zealand


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