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Hi, I'm Lena

I'm a creative mind and documentary wedding, couple and people photographer from Hamburg. I started photography when I was 16. That means I feel comfortable holding a camera for more than 13 years now. I was always the more introvert and quiet girl with the big camera – the artsy one.

What Inspires me:

My Why

Let's get personal

I rarely leave the house without a camera and love to capture simple days and small moments. I usually have a small point and shoot film camera with me and whenever I see something that somehow fascinates me, I photograph it. Also I create yearbooks with all kinds of pictures taken during one year. Sometimes I sit down and dig through these old photos and suddenly all the emotions start coming out again. My aim is to help you feel the same when looking at pictures of your life. I still find it magical that it is possible to reconstruct a life in snapshots. And it‘s so worth it.

For me, photography is all about telling stories - personal stories, the most important memories to cherish forever. Small moments, details, home and far away places.... I document things I see and want to remember. It doesn‘t always have to be the big celebrations, rather it‘s the little everyday stories or journeys that I want to capture. I love to tell stories in an authentic and honest way that evokes emotion even years later. My biggest goal is to create moments that will live on for generations.

The reason I picked up a camera in 2008 and bought my first „professional“ (not really, it was a Nikon D40 with kit lens) camera was because I wanted to capture memories in better quality than I could with my crappy digital camera, because it was important to me. Of course, I also took a lot of really bad images of flowers and weird things, but I still have all the important images from back then.

Nice words

from kind people

Liebe Lena, wir können es eigentlich kaum in Worte fassen wie glücklich wir sind, dass du uns bei unserem großen Tag begleitet und alles für die Ewigkeit festgehalten hast! Unser Hochzeitstag war einfach perfekt und traumhaft schön, umso schöner ist es, dass es auch noch mit so vielen wunderbaren Fotos verewigt wurde. Wir lieben deinen Stil, er hat perfekt zu unserer Hochzeit im Hafenschuppen gepasst. Tausend Dank für dieses große Geschenk! 😍

Antonia & Anton

Lena! I am in awe 😍 Truly, yours are my favorite photos ever taken!!
The way you captured the emotion of the moment, the moody composition and tone of the story make the photos come to life in a dream state. Also the fact that we captured the Alster which is my favorite place in the world makes me cry of happiness. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️ I really love your images and cherish these memories in Hamburg. I just returned to LA and opening these beauties gave me a piece of Hamburg I felt I lost. Thank you capturing my dream Alster shoot, I really enjoyed our time together!!🤗💛

Tara Blanchard

You have incredible talent! We felt so comfortable and the pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! You have such a warm and great nature. I can't get enough of the images. The photos are full of emotion and passion.

Dear Lena, you are gorgeous and I would hire you as my wedding photographer anytime because you capture the beautiful moments with so much heart! Thank you so much

Julia & David

Liebe Lena, du hast geschafft, was wahrscheinlich niemand sonst geschafft hätte - du hast nicht nur unseren schönsten Tag auf Ewig festgehalten, sondern auch alle Tränen, Lacher und Herzklopfen konserviert. Wir schauen uns unsere Fotos immer und immer wieder an, und fühlen uns wieder genau so wie an dem Tag. Es stimmt einfach alles! Du hast uns an diesem Tag mit so viel Geduld, Ruhe und Hingabe begleitet, dafür sind wir dir unendlich dankbar. ❤️ Auch, wenn man sich nicht wohl fühlt vor einer Kamera oder weiß, was man nun tun soll, schaffst du es, völlig natürliche und angenehme Momente zu schaffen. Und das ist es, was deine Bilder so besonders macht. Tausend Dank für deine wundervolle Arbeit! 🥰
Anna & Chris

Anna & Chris