I'm all about capturing those genuine, intimate moments that make your special day uniquely yours.

In a industry where 'more' is often deemed 'better', there's an intimate celebration quietly stealing hearts - micro-weddings! These scaled-down gatherings with a guest list capped at a maximum of 50 guests, prove that you don't need an extensive guest list to create a perfect wedding day. They allow you to surround yourself with the people who truly matter, creating an atmosphere of warmth and connection. These are moments that don't just make for stunning photographs, but memories that will last.

For all the introverted souls out there, who relish the idea of celebrating love without being thrust into the spotlight, micro-weddings are an absolute dream come true. As an introverted photographer who finds magic in the candid, unscripted moments, I understand that a large, traditional wedding isn't for everyone. That's why I've chosen to dedicate myself to the art of micro-weddings.

The Beauty of Micro-Weddings

For everybody who appreciate artistry and individuality, micro-weddings offer a canvas for creativity to flourish.

Why Choose a Micro-Wedding Over a Big Guest List.

Authentic Connections


Let's explore five compelling reasons why a micro-wedding might be the perfect choice for Everybody seeking a more personal, meaningful celebration.

Micro-weddings prioritize quality over quantity. By keeping the guest list intimate, you're able to surround yourself with the people who truly matter. Every guest becomes an integral part of your love story, creating an atmosphere of genuine warmth and connection. It's a chance to spend quality time with loved ones, forging deeper bonds that will last a lifetime.

Unforgettable Moments


In the intimate setting of a micro-wedding, every moment becomes a cherished memory. From heartfelt exchanges to stolen glances, these are the raw, unscripted moments that last. As a documentary photographer, I can attest to the magic that unfolds in these settings - moments that not only make for stunning photographs but also resonate in your hearts forever.

Perfect for Introverts


For couples who prefer a more low-key celebration, micro-weddings are an absolute dream come true. As an introverted person myself, I understand that being the center of attention isn't everyone's cup of tea. A micro-wedding provides a comfortable, authentic environment where you can be yourselves, surrounded by a close-knit group of cherished friends and family.

Personalized Expression


A micro-wedding provides a canvas for creativity to flourish. With fewer logistics to manage, you have the freedom to infuse your personalities into every detail. Whether it's personalized vows, the flower decor you dreamt of, or a unique theme, the possibilities are endless. It's an opportunity to craft an experience that reflects your individuality and style.

Stress-Free Celebration


One of the most liberating aspects of a micro-wedding is the reduced stress and logistical complexity. Without the pressures of accommodating a large guest list, you can truly savor each moment. It's a stress-free affair that allows you to focus on what truly matters - the celebration of your love.


In a world where extravagance often overshadows intimacy, micro-weddings stand as a powerful testament to the contrary. They prove that the true essence of a wedding lies in the depth of connection and the authenticity of the moments shared.

Remember, it's not about the number of guests, but the depth of love that truly matters. If you're still drawn to a more intimate celebration, why not consider an elopement?

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