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The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Photographers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Yes, I’ve become somewhat addicted to listening to podcasts. It all started with the German podcast "Fest und Flauschig". A classic of which I have never missed an episode. I love it. But lately, I added more and more education and photography podcasts to my Spotify play queue. What's better than getting inspired and learning more about workflow techniques, marketing, SEO or copywriting while working or doing daily tasks?

Below you will find a handful of my favorite podcasts that inspire and educate me on a daily basis. Like most spotify users, I listen to a show every now and then, but I will update this list in case I forgot something or find another relevant podcast you should not miss. Here are my favorite podcasts for photographers looking to grow their business and improve their processes. Ready? Ok!

List of Podcasts for Photographers and Creatives

Creative Business – Make Your Break Podcast with Jai Long

"Are you just starting out as a creative entrepreneur? Or maybe you have been running your business for a while now, but you need some step-by-step guidance to take your business to the next level? No matter where you are at in your journey as a creative business owner, this show will help. My name is Jai Long. I'm a photographer, educator, and entrepreneur with my own thriving creative business. My mission is to empower you to gain more confidence, reach your goals, and take control of your own adventure."

The Creative Boom Podcast – by Creative Boom

"Join host Katy Cowan as she enjoys candid conversations with creatives to uncover the secrets to success, and all the practical advice, funny stories and honest wisdom that will help you build a booming creative career."

Summer School – by Summer Grace

"Welcome to Summer School, the podcast where we explore the world of creativity, entrepreneurship, and beyond. While I may be a wedding photographer by trade, my goal for this podcast is to break free from creative constraints and invite a wide range of guests to join us in thought-provoking conversations. Expect to hear from professionals in various fields – from educators to accountants, musicians to artists, and business owners of all kinds. My aim is to dive deep into the experiences, inspirations, and the nitty gritty of being an entrepreneur."

The Unscripted Podcast For Photographers from The Unscripted Posing App

"From The Unscripted App for Photographers, a podcast that helps newbie photographers turn their hobby into a business. With real-life advice from professionals in the industry, we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to connect authentically with your clients, capture emotion-filled images you actually care about and scale your business while staying sane."

Creative Pep Talk – by Andy J. Pizza

"Inspiring Stories & Actionable Strategies. A Weekly Podcast Companion for Your Creative Journey."

Marketing Tips for Photographers – The Tog Republic Podcast

Welcome to The Tog Republic Podcast! Every week I will share with you an easy to implement marketing strategy for your photography business. Some episodes will be casual chats with industry leaders where they will be sharing a tip or two to help you grow your own photography business

Passion With Purpose - Photography Podcast by Nathan Chanski

"If you're an aspiring wedding photographer or established creative business entrepreneur and you’re looking for value-packed photography education, wisdom, and real talk about how to run your biz, this is the place for you! I’m a wedding photographer/business coach who went from quitting my 9-5 to pursue full-time photography, started out making less than a thousand per wedding to booking six figs/year, and learning SO much along the way that I'm bursting at the seams to share with you. See you right here twice week (M & W) and hit that subscribe/follow button so you never miss a thing!"

FloInsider powered by

"A podcast for creative entrepreneurs who want a fresh perspective on business, communication, art, design, branding, and life as we know it. Each 3-5 episodes are led by a new host. We share stories, challenge mindsets and look for ways to redefine success within the creative space. FloInsider is powered by, the best website designs for photographers and creative businesses."

The Road Created Podcast

"This podcast is for creative entrepreneurs who want to travel the world and build a sustainable business. This podcast delivers education and inspiration for destination wedding photographers and elopement photographers. It's a mix of interviews with experts in the industry and solo episodes all hosted by Emily Kidd."

Take It From Us from Dawn Charles & Emily Magers

"A space where creative entrepreneurs learn to lean into their passions and create a thriving business that impacts in a big way. Hosted by Dawn Charles and Emily Magers, two photographers turned educators here to help you cultivate your dream career. We’ll share our mistakes and successes, both professionally and personally, so that you can rise where we fell, find inspiration within our wins, and fast track to your brightest future."

Don't Take This Personally

"A podcast about the business of creativity! The pep talks you didn't know you needed - brought to you by wedding photographers and creative entrepreneurs Kami Olavarria and Gabe Conover."

Build and Bloom by Jessica Whitaker

"Learn photography from a practical perspective from an OG photography educator, @JessicaWhitaker. You'll leave each episode with action steps to apply today so your business will benefit tomorrow."

Und hier noch ein paar deutsche Podcasts

Ohne den Hype

"Der Interview-Podcast mit Kreativen. Sven Jürgensmeier führt intime Gespräche mit Persönlichkeiten aus Design, Kunst und Kultur. Jede Woche neu."

PicDrop Podcast – Gespräche mit Profifotografen

"Gespräche mit Profifotografen und Branchenkennern. PicDrop-Gründer und Fotograf Andreas Chudowski unterhält sich mit Kollegen, Bildbearbeitern, Art Buyern, Bildredakteuren und anderen Profis."

Fotografie Podcast von Julia & Gil Photography

"Wenn du in einem kreativen Beruf arbeitest, wirst du hier etwas für dich mitnehmen können. Wir sprechen über Fotografie, Selbstständigkeit, Marketing, Branding und vieles mehr! Dabei ist es egal, wieviel Erfahrung du bereits hast. Wenn du den Podcast auf iTunes oder Spotify abonnierst, verpasst du keine Folge mehr."

2gether – Der Hochzeitsfotografie Podcast

"Ein sensationeller Podcast für sensationelle Menschen. Wir teilen unser Wissen mit euch und erzählen euch unsere Geschichten aus der Welt der Hochzeitsfotografie. Du fragst dich jetzt sicher, wer wir sind? Wir sind 2gether eine "Mastermind-Gruppe" bestehend aus 4 Hochzeitsfotograf*innen aus Deutschland und Österreich. Hör dir einfach den Podcast an und lerne uns kennen."

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