Moody Skies and Love: Wedding in Walsrode

As I departed Hamburg around noon en route to Walsrode for Kim and Alexander's wedding, the sky transitioned from a bright blue to a cloudy white, ultimately settling into a moody, dark gray. Rain accompanied us throughout the day, prompting some adjustments. We relocated the First-Look session from outdoors to the small St. Georg church in Meinerdingen. The atmosphere was more intimate, with dimmer lighting, yet equally enchanting. Following the First-Look, we proceeded to the family farm, to capture family portraits and additional bridal couple photos.

Later, we made our way to the church for the wedding ceremony, revisiting the site of the initial First-Look. The church, though small, exuded charm. Following a beautiful ceremony and a brief reception in the rain, we continued the festivities at Villa Wolf in Bomlitz. The celebration carried on well into the night.

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