Waves and Rocks: Auckland Beach Shoot

When I initially planned this shoot with Joanne and Brandon in New Zealand, unforeseen circumstances led to a change in our shooting location. My original vision was set on Piha beach, a strikingly beautiful and rugged black sand expanse. My admiration for it was based on glimpses from random blogs and Instagram feeds; it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the area had suffered significant damage from a recent cyclone, affecting homes and roads. It didn't feel right to turn it into a casual photo session, and given the state of the roads, it might not have even been possible.

After investing hours in both online and on-site location scouting, we eventually settled on Saint Leonards Beach in Auckland city. This urban beach boasts fascinating rock formations, offering a unique backdrop. As we awaited Joanne and Brandon, the tide rolled in, submerging the sandy expanse beneath a sheet of water. The resulting images, with waves crashing against the rocks, turned out just as I'd hoped. Shooting in such dynamic environments always brings an element of adventure, and that's exactly what I love about it!

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