My Favorite Photo Locations in Hamburg

Here are my top photo locations in Hamburg for portrait and couple Sessions. Hamburg has many beautiful neighborhoods and locations and still surprises me after growing up near to this city and living here for several years now. In this post I selected five beautiful locations for shoots, that belong to my personal favorites.

01. Speicherstadt und Poggenmühlenbrücke

Visiting the Speicherstadt is a classic touristic to-do while staying in Hamburg. It's the largest historic warehouse district in the world and has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2015. I don't think I need to mention that it's the perfect place for anyone who wants to take home a souvenir photo of Hamburg. But it is also a great spot for a couple or wedding shoot with a clear Hamburg reference.

You probably get the most beautiful view over the Speicherstadt from the three-arched Poggenmühlen-Brücke, which is located in the very east of the area. From there you can enjoy a great view over the Wasserschloss (Water Castle), which sits enthroned on the tip of an island and is framed by two canals and the long rows of the old warehouse buildings. The view is impressive, especially during night when the light installations illuminate the brick facades of the warehouses to great effect.


Poggenmühlen-Brücke: The best way to reach the Poggenmühlen-Brücke is via the Meßberg station. It takes only a few minutes by subway from Hamburg's central station. From Meßberg it is a short walk of about 4 minutes. But it is almost faster to just walk directly, because the Poggenmühlen-Brücke is only about 1 km away from the central station. This should take about 10 minutes by foot.

👉 Poggenmühle 3, 20457 Hamburg

02. Elbstrand

Sometimes the ocean is a bit too far away, even from Hamburg. How good that we can jump on the ferry or just go for a walk and find the beautiful Elbstrand (Elbe beach) right on our doorstep. The Elbstrand stretches for about 12 kilometres, always facing the harbour on the other side of the river. There are various sections of the beach with wide sandy areas or interesting trees jutting into the water. My favourite place for shoots on the Elbstrand is located in the Wittenbergen nature reserve in the district of Rissen. It's a quiet and spacious area with a beautiful lighthouse, which makes a great scene in the background when taking photos.

Special Mention: I really love the cute little waiting shelter right next to the Övelgönne ferry pier. It's so charming and a great photospot. But the place can get pretty crowded, especially on weekends.


Elbstrand Wittenbergen: This beach is a bit more secluded and most accessible by car. You can park directly in the car park at the former ferry house. This car park is free of charge and open 24 hours a day.

👉 Rissener Ufer 27, 22559 Hamburg

Elbstrand near the museum harbour Oevelgönne: The best way to reach the Elbstrand next to the museum harbour Oevelgönne is to take the HVV ferry 62 (starting at Landungsbrücken) or bus line 113 from the train station Altona.

👉 Fähranleger Neumühlen, 22763 Hamburg

03. Alsterarkaden

Venetian flair in Hamburg and probably the most beautiful view of Hamburg City Hall? That's what the Alsterarkarden have to offer. The Alsterarkaden are located between Jungfernstieg and Rathausmarkt, parallel to Neuer Wall. This is a very popular place among tourists, but if you play around with perspectives and angles, you can get a shot without distracting people in the background. Of course, you can also perfectly integrate the Hamburg City Hall into the scenery from this location.

Tip: It's best to come here early in the morning to take photos, so that you don't have to share this place with many tourists walking by.


Alsterarkarden: This spot is so central that it can be reached by so many means of transport. The best way is to take the train to the station Jungfernstieg or Rathaus. Or just walk there. Starting at the central station, this location is within 1 km walking distance.

👉 Alsterarkarden, 20354 Hamburg

04. Jenischpark

There is hardly any other park in Hamburg that is as natural, as spacious and as relaxing as Jenischpark. This park is located in Hamburg-Othmarschen directly on the Elbe and has a total area of 42 ha, of which 8 ha are protected under nature conservation law. I love this park because it's so quiet and very relaxing. But it is also perfect for doing photography work, as there are more wild, natural spots here, something that you rarely see like this in public parks.


Marxsenweg: Bus line 112 runs from the main train station all the way to the bus stop called Marxenweg. This bus stop is right next to Jenischpark. From there it is only a 3-minute walk to the Ernst-Barlach-Haus, which is located at the heart of the park.

S1 to Klein Flottbek: I suggest taking the S1 train to Klein Flottbek. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the Klein Flottbeck train station to Jenischpark.

👉 Jenischpark, Baron-Voght-Straße 50, 22609 Hamburg

05. Boberger Dünen/Boberger See

A shifting sand dune in Hamburg? Yes, indeed! The unique dune landscape Boberger Niederung with Boberger Düne is located in the middle of Hamburg. The Boberger Düne is the last shifting sand dune in Hamburg. The extraordinary nature preserve of about 350 hectares in the southeast of Hamburg features sand dunes, dry meadows and simply beautiful nature. It is crisscrossed by walking and biking trails. And in the middle of it all you'll find a glider airfield and a swimming lake.

In the warm summer months, the swimming lake "Boberger See"offers a chance to cool off and relax. It's also perfect to get those summer vibe (couple) portraits in the water. I try to visit this place often with friends during the summer days. It's just a perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a few hours in the nature.


Starting Point is the Parking Lot "Boberger Furt": Take the U2 or U4 subway line to the station Mümmelmannsberg, then take the bus line 609 or M12 to the bus stop Schulredder. It takes about 7 minutes by foot to the starting point at the parking lot. An alternative is to walk from the train station Mittlerer Landweg (S21). From the station you walk about half an hour to the dunes.

Or simply drive by car to the parking lot "Boberger Furt". That would probably be the fastest and easiest way to get there.

👉 Boberger Furt 50, 21033 Hamburg

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