Hi, I'm Lena
Documenting Life, Love and in-between Moments.

I'm a creative mind and documentary wedding, couple and people photographer from Hamburg. I started photography when I was 16. That means I feel comfortable holding a camera for more than 13 years now. I was always the small and quiet girl with the big camera – the artsy one.

I love to document and capture moments that spark emotions in people, even years later. My work is built around light, human connections and compositions. I seek to find authentic and unposed moments and interesting perspectives. I draw inspiration from natural light, rainy weather, forests, fresh nordic air, poetry, landscapes, vulnerability, 35mm vintage cameras, movies, books and magazines, oceans, foggy days, imperfection, movement, neoclassical music and so much more. Inspiration is everywhere.

However, the greatest inspiration for me is travelling. Nothing inspires me more than new places, changed perspectives, beachy sunsets and exhausting hikes in the mountains. To be honest, I have an itch to travel. Over the last couple of years I realized that it's something that I can't live without. You just have to say the word travel and I'll start packing my bags and collect spots and plan another travel film immediately.

I'm not only a photographer but also an Art Director with a degree in communication design and used to illustrate a lot during my teenage and student years. Design is a big part of what fills my heart.

I can't get enough of coffee, cats, foggy forests and great stories. So let's start to tell your's!

Ready to create stories that will spark joy even years from now?