My Belief

Your Love,

Your Story.

Let's toss the rulebook aside and focus on what truly matters: your love. Together, we'll create a visual story that's a testament to your bond and a celebration of individuality.

Artful Imagery

Inspired by the Outdoors.

My Approach

I'm not one to follow the crowd, especially when it comes to wedding photography. Instead of trends, traditional aesthetics, and stiff poses, I'm all about diving into the beautiful chaos and highlighting the unique and genuine moments that shape each love story.

I'm an adventurous documentary photographer for the non-traditional souls out there. While Hamburg is my hometown, my heart belongs to the world beyond its borders.

I'm here to craft visual and artful narratives that break free from the ordinary, capturing the extraordinary adventures you embark upon as you begin this new chapter together. Embracing non-traditional perspectives, I celebrate the unique story that belongs to you, allowing your love to unfold naturally against the backdrop of majestic mountains, tranquil forests, windswept beaches, and vibrant cityscapes.

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