Ok, seriously. When was the last time you had some professional pictures taken of you? Graduation ball? Team photos at work? Do you even have proper photos of yourselves? I mean, actual professional ones?

I love photo books, photo boxes and can spend hours digging through old negatives and prints. Every year I create a yearbook with all the important memories. For what? For me, for us and just so that digital stuff doesn‘t get stuck on some hard drive. I‘m glad I started doing it. It‘s just nice to have those moments. Think back to moments of your childhood. What comes to mind? Probably a photo moment or a sequence from an old family video. These are memories that remain because they were once documented and passed on. It is worth investing in memories. Who knows how long they will last.

My passion is to photograph couples who believe in the value of meaningful, authentic photos that last a lifetime.


Ask me anything you want. Here are the most frequently asked questions I get.

How many photos do we get?

Probably more than you need! I don‘t like to put a number on it because every wedding or shoot is so completely different, but I‘ve never had a client say they didn‘t get enough. I don‘t like to givea a cut-off number because I don‘t believe in withholding images from you to get you to pay more. Thats what many photographers do. These are your memories, I promise to capture them as they unfold and give you more than enough images to remember these moments.

How Do We Get Our Photos?

You’ll receive the high-res edited images via a beautiful online gallery where you can download them to your computer, as well as share them with friends and family. I can also create and order prints and albums. Nice things to show off next christmas.

What‘s Your Turn Around Time?

The turnaround time depends on how much I shoot, how busy I am and my travel plans. I always try to send you some preview images right after your wedding or shoot to keep you hyped. Also, I know you need pictures for socials and your family. For couple sessions, you can expect to receive your final gallery 2-3 weeks after the shoot. For weddings, you can expect your final gallery 4-5 weeks after the wedding date.

What if there is bad weather?

I always encourage embracing whatever weather comes our way, as it’s beautiful and unique in photos. But if it‘s ruining all our plans or you don‘t feel comfortable shooting in rain and thunderstorms we will keep an eye on the weather app and have a quick chat to reschedule.

What should we wear for couple sessions?

I get to ask this a lot but don‘t worry. I got you covered. I can send you some tips and moodboards to show what would look nice especially for couples. But I would never force you to wear crazy costumes that don‘t represent your own style and personallity.

What if we feel awkward in front of a camera?

Yah, I feel you. I feel weird myself when I‘m in front of the camera, but let me tell you: It‘s completely normal! So many of my clients tell me they are uncomfortable being photographed and don‘t know how to act natural - even those who look super comfortable and natural.

A big part of my approach is making you feel comfortable by allowing you to just be yourself. I‘m not a big fan of static poses and like to give instructions for movements and some action.

Be silly, be quirky, be romantic, be dreamy, be quiet, be loud, be in love and just be yourselves.